music lessons

The Ste-Dorothée Academy of Music in Laval offers music lessons, instruments, introduction to music, singing and music therapy.

It offers personalized classes of half an hour or one hour from the age of four. Childrens, teenagers and adults of all ages will discover the pleasure of developing their musical talents.

You can register anytime in the year.

cours music enfants laval music lessons


While youth aged 4 to 12 explore the world more broadly, their social, physical and mental development through music helps them to dive further.

cours musique adolescents laval music lessons


With more advanced reasoning and abilities, teens aspire to greater independence and a sense of accomplishment.

cours music adultes laval


If you have never played an instrument before, you can start your musical adventure at your own pace.

cours music prives laval music lessons

Private lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician looking to improve your level, private lessons can help you achieve this!


cours de piano laval


Musical instrument played using a keyboard.

cours de guitare laval promotion


The guitar is classified as a stringed instrument.

cours de basse laval promotion


Stringed instrument with a deeper sound than the guitar.

cours de batterie laval


Set of percussion instruments

cours de violoncelle laval


Stringed instrument with a deeper sound than the violin.

cours de violon laval


Bowed string instrument with a bow.

cours de flutes laval


Wind musical instrument of the family of woods.

cours de clarinette laval


Wind musical instrument of the woods family

cours de saxophone laval


The saxophone is a
wind instrument.

cours de chant laval


Music produced using the human voice.

cours de solfege laval music lessons


Learning method
music with the voice.

cours de theorie laval


Set of rules describing the music system.

cours de musicotherapie laval


Musical activities adapted to each individual.

cours d'initiation a la music laval music lessons


Ideal for introducing young children to music.

cours de musique ensemble laval


Share our passion
with the others

cours de camps ete laval

Summer courses

Private lessons
from June to August

Sale and rental of instruments

The rental of instruments is available to all students of the academy.


The choir is open to everyone, whether you are a children, adolescents or adults, beginners as well as advanced.

It will also be an opportunity to learn the basics of music theory.

Sign up and come sing with us on Sunday mornings.

chorale à laval