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Established entirely dedicated to the musical art, the Academy imposes by the quality of the education which it delivers to its students. We offer from the age of 4, music lessons in an enchanting setting. Bringing together more than 40 of the best music teachers in the region, the institution gives childrens, teenagers and adults of all ages the opportunity to develop their musical talents through personalized coaching of music and singing lessons. half an hour or an hour.

Combining theory and practice, the courses offered range from initiation to the basics of music to the teaching of the most advanced musical techniques. Thus, the music school presents every year many candidates wishing to obtain a music diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education. The students of the Academy can indeed take part in the exams of the Académie de musique du Québec. Many of them have done very well in this context by ranking among the best in their categories across Quebec.

The Academy also offers a recording studio as well as annual concerts that allow students to become musicians. Our music school is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious in Greater Montreal with its teaching totally bilingual and accessible to all.

Development and self-esteem
through music

Music lessons are one of the most popular hobbies for young people. It is a great idea to dedicate yourself to it because it offers a great discipline to offer to our children.

Maths and music

Researchers at the University of San Francisco have developed a method to help children better understand the academic language of mathematics. This process uses another school material to present fractions to students: rhythm and music. Analysis of data from the University of San Francisco program showed that participants who used music scored 50% better than others. In addition, it seems that the pace is all the more beneficial to the learning of young people with learning difficulties.

Language and music

Music promotes concentration and stimulates memory. Music can also help a child develop his language. In a child who has a delay in language acquisition, music can be a valuable ally. It affects all dimensions of global development: emotional, social, moral, cognitive, language, motor and physical.

Owner: Pierre Goulet et France L’Écuyer


We offer music therapy sessions to childrens, teens and adults with learning disabilities, language, behavior, intellectual disabilities or people suffering from the autism spectrum. Music therapy consists of the judicious use of music and its elements (vibration, rhythm, sound, melody, harmony) by an accredited music therapist. In addition, these courses are very effective as a method of relaxation. The music therapy sessions are given in the form of musical activities adapted to each individual.

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The Ste-Dorothée Academy of Music in Laval offers music lessons, instruments, introduction to music, singing and music therapy. We offers classes during the school year.
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The quality of teaching at the music school is distinguished by the competence and qualification of its 40 professors. All renowned for their professionalism and attentiveness, the academy’s professors provide higher education that meets everyone’s requirements.
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Renowned for more than 23 years in Laval, it offers quality music lessons, a teaching and a personalized approach of the family type. Every parent and student receives special attention.

Why take music lessons
at the Academy?

The teaching of music, mainly to young children, helps to develop the musical ear, the notion of rhythm, concentration, motor skills and perseverance.

Do I need music
experience to register?

The Academy is accessible to all levels of music, both beginners and those who wish to perfect a classical method for an examination recognized by the Ministry of Education.

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